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Organiser: Head On Foundation
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Mouneb Taim
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Presenter(s): Alison Stieven-Taylor, Brian Cassey, Mouneb Taim, Giles Clarke

Insiders & Outsiders, a panel discussing access, internal vs. external perspectives, and the future of photojournalism. Led by moderator Alison Stieven-Taylor, accompanied by 21-year-old Syrian photographer Mouneb Taim, award-winning photographer Brian Cassey, and humanitarian and photojournalist Giles Clarke. The featured photographers will discuss their work, the challenges of being a photojournalist, and how they gain trust from and access to their subject. This panel will shed light on how we percieve and construct the world’s current events.

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Alison Stieven-Taylor is an international photography commentator and journalist. For more than a decade she has written about, and championed, photography working to promote Australian photographers on the world stage. She has interviewed internationally renowned photographers, as well as lesser known photographers from around the globe. Alison has written features on Australian photographers including Stephen Dupont, Robyn Beeche, Megan Lewis, David Dare Parker, Michael Coyne, Ben Bohane, Robyn Stacey and Hoda Afshar. In all, she has interviewed more than 100 photographers. Alison is also the publisher of the widely read blog Photojournalism Now.

Brian Cassey

Cairns-based freelance photographer and photojournalist Brian Cassey has spent decades in news media. His internationally published work has been a recurring feature at Head On Photo Festival. This year, Brian presents (Selections from) a photographer’s life – part two, a visual anthology of the many amazing lives and stories Brian has witnessed during his career.

Mouneb Taim

Award-winning Damascus-born Mouneb Taim is an internationally published photojournalist. He has been photographing life amidst the atrocities committed in his native Syria since he was 13. At Head On Photo Festival 2022, Mouneb presents his series War notes, which captures how Syrian locals, mainly Syrian youth, navigate and perservere through a country defined by war.

Giles Clarke

Giles Clarke is a photojournalist based in New York City, with a background in professional black-and-white printing. The worlds biggest international publications have featured his work. He has won a Lucie statue and the 2021 WARS Photojournalism Award. His work, Yemen; conflict + chaos, portrays a country fractured by war and tribal division, where the civilian population exists chained to an eternal struggle and trapped in a haunted present.

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