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Behind the exhibition: part 3

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Organiser: Head On Foundation
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Johannes Bosgra
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This is the third instalment to our four-part Artist talk series presented by featured artists in Head On Photo Festival 2022, who will speak about the stories and processes behind their exhibitions.

In this dynamic session, Aaron Yeandle, Johannes Bosgra, Michelle Sank and Ingeborg Everaerd, will take you beyond their images into how and why they tell the stories that they do.

Register for the live-stream event here.

Aaron Yeandle

Aaron Yeandle’s work PPE-19 shows one person’s response for the high demand of PPE during the early days of COVID-19. He will talk about how he uses everyday objects mixed with imagination to create a narrative- driven set-pieces in his photographs

Aaron’s photography has been exhibited internationally, widely published, and won various awards. He has hosted the Turpentine Galleries podcast and has his own official Royal Mail stamp collection featuring the Voice-Vouaie project. He is a member of the MAP6 Collective, a group of forward-thinking visual and academic artists.

Johannes Bosgra

Johannes Bosgra’s Murmurations came out of COVID-19. When Bosgra sees a landscape, he hears music in his head and vice versa; they flow into each other. Classical music is his main inspiration. In collaboration with composers and musicians such as Philip Glass he creates Gesamtkunstwerke of his images and classical music. In this talk he reflects on his process of using synesthesia to turn swarms of starlings in images that show the sublime musical rhythm of the dances they perform, called Murmurations.

Bosgra’s works have been published, performed and exhibited widely throughout Europe and beyond.

Michelle Sank

Michelle Sank interest in subcultures and social issues led her to create her series, sixteen. In it, she explores what it means to be sixteen in the UK while also living in Cornwall, one of the underprivileged areas of the UK. She will talk about connecting with her subjects and how to maintain long term relationships that last longer than a photograph. This piece incorporates text and image to give a voice to the young people she captures.

South African-born Michelle Sank settled in the UK in 1987. Her crafted portraits meld place and person, creating sociological, visual and psychological landscapes and narratives.

Ingeborg Everaerd

Ingeborg Everaerd’s photo series Busqueda explores the relationship between Everaerd and her son as they travel to his birth country of Colombia. Her images speak of their love, but also highlight their differences and distance between them. She will share the emotions she went through to create these intimate images and also talk about how this photo series documents the ever changing ebb and flow of her and her son’s relationship.

Ingeborg Everaerd is a visual storyteller based in Amsterdam who is drawn to vulnerability and authenticity in her subjects.

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