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Behind the exhibition: part 1

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Organiser: Head On Foundation
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Serena Dzenis
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Entry Fee: Free, donations welcome
Presenter(s): Brian Cassey, Eric Kunsman, Rachel Portesi, Serena Dzenis

In the first of a four-part series, we invite Head On Photo Festival 2022’s featured artists to give an indepth look at the stories and processes behind their exhibitions.

In this dynamic session, Eric Kunsman, Serena Dzenis, Rachel Portesi and Brian Cassey, will take you beyond their images into how and why they tell the stories that they do.

Register for the livestreamed event here.

Serena Dzenis

Australian-born, Iceland-based Serena Dzenis tells stories about science, conservation, environmental issues and the future of humankind through her lens-based art. She presents her series entitled 2021 ± II: utopia broadcasting at Head On Photo Festival 2022.

Brian Cassey

Cairns-based freelance photographer and photojournalist Brian Cassey has spent decades in news media. His internationally published work has been a recurring feature at Head On Photo Festival. This year, Brian brings us (Selections from) A photographer’s life – part two, a retorspective of the amazing lives and stories he has witnessed through his prolific career in photojournalism.

Eric T. Kunsman

Eric T. Kunsman is an assistant professor of photography and communications based in Rochester, New York, who has received numerous international accolades for his black and white photography, exhibited in over 250 galleries and museums. He presents his series entitled Felicific calculus: technology as a social marker of race, class, & economics in Rochester, NY at Head On Photo Festival 2022.

Rachel Portesi

Rachel Portesi is a lens based multimedia artist from Vermont using wet plate collodion tintype, Polaroids, film, installation and 3-d imagery to explore the nuanced transitions in female identity relating to motherhood, aging, and choice. In Portesi’s Hair Portraits, she wrestles with her children growing up and change. These elaborate hair sculptures constructed in the studio are records of metamorphosises, from a past fractured self to an integrated, self-realised woman. 

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