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Organiser: Powerhouse Museum
Paid Event
Izabela Pluta
This event has concluded
Location: Powerhouse Museum, Harris Street, Ultimo NSW, Australia
Entry Fee: $ 30
Genres: Fine-Art
Presenter(s): Dr Izabela Pluta

Artist Dr Izabela Pluta is developing a new body of work in association with Powerhouse, focused on photographic Lumen printing.

This workshop will explore how the photographic Lumen process can generate images from the interaction of a light source, light-sensitive photographic paper and an object to create a unique trace of that object.

Lumen prints rely on the principle that photographic paper, if exposed to enough light, will produce an image without developer chemicals being required. The photographic paper’s colour continues to change the longer it is exposed to light, unless chemically ‘fixed’. Pluta instead asks: ‘What happens if the image is left unfixed and preserved in a dark environment?’

Book via Powerhouse website.

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