Artist Talk – Katri Lassila

Date: 14 May 2020
Time: 5:00pm
Locations: Online

Cost: Free, donations welcome


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Talking Spirits is a series which combines over 10 years of work from several different countries. It includes approximately 50 images from which I chose a select few to be presented here. The focus of the series is in the spiritual journey I have made during my travels in India, Nepal and Southeast Asia learning about the different belief systems and expanding my horizons concerning such concepts as death, religion, the afterlife and the soul. 
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Katri Lassila (MFA) works with analogue photographic techniques, printing each silver gelatine photographs by hand in her darkroom. The close sense of the material gives her works a unique aura of craft, contact and intimacy, exceptional in this digital age. Lassila is currently completing her practice-based dissertation for the Department of Film at Aalto University. In her dissertation, Lassila studies conceptual and poetic aspects of landscape imagery in film and photography. For Lassila, experiencing nature is the strongest singular form of inspiration and runs as one clearly visible strand through her career. She believes strongly in the relevance of nature in understanding what it means to be human.

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