Against the backdrop of Sydney’s eastern suburb seascapes, Paul Blackmore’s new book Heat explores the intimate relationship between water and humanity. Fundamental to his work is the powerful force of the ocean and the sculptural forms of the sea dreamers who play within it.

Heat examines the pursuit of individual freedom in crowded spaces - the quiet, vast privacy of being underwater in noisy, populated cosmopolitan areas. The salt water provides the ocean lovers and sunseekers a physical and psychological absolution. The sensual, redemptive act of immersing oneself into the enormity of the sea is like a secular baptism - a cleansing of the body and mind from the built world and its unnatural restrictions.

From the perspective of the water, Blackmore captures people entering the ocean, diving beneath it, and floating as storms approach. While the images seek beauty, they are vibrant and at times haunting reminders of our cultural and spiritual reliance on our beaches. The ocean connects us to ourselves, one another and our shared environment. Amidst the chaos of the modern world, Paul captures intimate moments. Humanity shines through in this exquisite work. The untamed ocean calls to a peace that lies deeply within us. It beckons us to share our secrets, remember our wildness and surrender to its reinvigorating power.



“My copy of this [book] just arrived. It's an absolutely beautiful collection of photography from one of the country's finest practitioners of the art. Get one for yourself and a couple for friends...” Stuart Coupe Nov 6, 2019



Photographer: Paul Blackmore
Designer: Belinda Rabe and Alphabet Studios
Essay: Courtney Wise and Alison Steven - Taylor
Pages: 166
Cover type: Hardcover
Dimensions: 330mm x 280mm [Portrait]


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