Eternal Presence consists of a series of eighty-two photographs, taken at various locations and mostly showing us everyday scenes from urban life, it appears to align itself with a documentary aesthetic and a discourse of photography as the art of extracting a crucial moment from the flow of time.
The images are however infiltrated by another presence, that of a fellow artist, Jan Håfström, whose earlier work The Eternal Return is overlaid, subtly and sometimes almost imperceptibly, onto Pedan’s own. That Håfström’s series bears a similar—although from the perspective of the philosophical tradition significantly transformed—name as Pedan’s, seems to set up a particular resonance between them, two series crossing and intersecting, without merging into a third unity.

Exhibited with Head On Photo Festival in 2018.



Photographer and author: Misha Pedan
Pages: 174
Cover type: Hardcover
Dimensions: 296mm x 212mm [Landscape]
Weight: 1.1kg
Published: 2017
ISBN: 978-91-639-3318-9 


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