You will see them in the early hours of the morning, walking through the mist. A flash of light catches your eyes as shining torches can be seen throughout the site. Somebody bends down and seems to fossil through something on the ground. Another is handling an item and seems to be studying it from all angles. Somebody over the other side is carrying on a lengthy conversation and it appears they are discussing or haggling over a price. Sparkling rays are slowly emanating from the heavens as the first glints of sunlight starts to bring light on what is happening.

Just as the saying ‘the early bird gets the worm’ so it is for the Swap Meet devotee.

This phenomenon is repeated nearly every weekend around Australia, and the wheels of fortune are in somebody else’s ’rubbish’ for the successful buyer.

Car parts, accessories, panels, paint, wheels, tyres, engines, tools, mechanical parts, in fact, everything to finish, or build, that item known as our project vehicle.

You will find them at a Swap Meet.

Searching for that elusive item many people travel hundreds of miles just to find that missing part. If they don’t find it today you can expect they will go to the next Swap, hoping for better luck, or, the joy of picking up a bargain. This is the mystery and mystique of this unique pastime for the buyer.

Some traders travel many hundreds of miles from Swap Meet to Swap Meet trying to peddle their special wares over the weekend. They have formed a special band of friendship and talk about where they have been, what they have brought, and all share the same passion of hoping to sell everything, but, if they don’t they will go to the next Swap and repeat the process all over again. To them it is the challenge of clearing their site of all stock and going home empty handed, but this time with ‘dollars in the pocket’, so they can again repeat the process next week.

Good onya Stephen, you really have found the fair dinkum side of the Aussie Swap fans.

Australia’s Leading Motor Show and Swap Meet Announcer

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