The beard – male, strong and proud.
An inherent part of male character and a prominent feature in any portrait.
Patchwork quilting – a most feminine art.
To bring to life an unusual portrait series, a complete historical subculture was manufactured around the subject matter of Postichery (the creation and adorning of fabric beards), complete with individual back stories for each “artifact”, which has then been presented as an historical collection for the Museum of Helsinki in the form of a museum brochure, entitled, The Museum of Helsinki Lufthansa “Postiche Collection”
The project is part of the Slow Photography Movement.
There are 6 images in the Portrait series:
Eyah kusadvha Dunaki Daardhi The Eadaraig Vestment The Cernunnos Postiche
The Laramie Postiche
The Belgorod Boroda
The Ma arakatt Al Rahman Merkhet
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Head On Photo Awards 2024

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Image detail: Gary Ramage