Here (in Australia) a primal view of the horizon draws me inland. Not to my ancestors but to an ancestral base of this land.
One day I walk to the edge of Mallee country, now one of the most endangered ecosystems in the world. Here the landscape is thousands of years old, a true primal landscape, but with no horizon to be seen. A ridged landscape of sameness combined with the low stunted Mallee that makes it impossible to see that beautiful clean division. I can imagine getting lost here.

I am now by the edge of a lake in the middle of nowhere. At the edge of this lake I am making a line of mud. It is in a black and white landscape and the line follows a natural ridge band of grey and white in the dry edge surrounding the lake. It’s funny but it is not the action of making that laborious line that fills my mind, it is the horizon.

The faint line which is the circumference of my view.

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Head On Photo Awards 2024

Entries to the Head On Photo Awards 2024 open in May/June.

Image detail: Gary Ramage