I want to reveal the exploits of animals that must live without permission

This is s a small book on the life & times of the Hepburn -Daylesford fox.
And a bold and exciting one it is, and often cut short by real violence. But the fox loves a sunset, drinking from a favorite dam and savoring sweet juicy lambs.
If you had an urge to photograph wildlife in these hills and forests you may find little else to engage your creative energies.

I am interested in the way animals and humans are depicted in their struggle to live in the Australian landscape. The source of inspiration comes from my study of Australian paintings, prints and films.

Australia is the only developed country where environmentalists and animal rights activists must make a distinction between Native and the so-called Introduced species.
Some wonder if this distinction has affected us in other ways.

Anthony Scibelli
Wheatsheaf/Daylesford. Victoria/Australia

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Head On Photo Awards 2024

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Image detail: Gary Ramage