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What You REALLY Need to Know About the Updated Adobe Terms of Use

  • Head On Foundation

Recently, there have been a lot of rumours going around suggesting the new Adobe’s Terms and Conditions gives them rights over your photos! Read on to find out what they really mean.

Why you should exhibit your photography

  • Head On Foundation

Exhibiting in a digital world continues to be an essential practice for photographers to be discovered, and there are numerous avenues for showcasing your photography and sharing your distinct perspective to a broader audience.

If, like many photographers, you feel your work is buried in digital limbo, unseen and unappreciated, read on.

Your Guide to the Must-Enter Photo Contests in 2024

  • Head On Foundation

We curated a comprehensive selection of photo competitions catering to various interests and skill levels. We split the list into two – open internationally and those only available to Australians.

Seb Agnew Unveils a Visual Odyssey: Grown, Syncope, and Epiphany at Euroka Reserve

  • Head On Foundation

This year, Euroka Reserve becomes the immersive canvas for Seb Agnew’s thought-provoking exhibition, a highlight of the prestigious Head On Photo Festival.

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Head On Photo Awards 2024

Entries to the Head On Photo Awards 2024 are open now. $80,000 prize pool including finalists exhibition.

Image detail: Gary Ramage