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The inaugural Head Off Landscape Prize takes place alongside the Portrait Prize and will be on display in Paddington Reservoir Gardens for Head On’s duration. Judged without names by some of the most influential people in the industry, the 20 finalists challenge the definition of landscape.

In May 2013, Head On Photo Festival announced the winners of the 2013 Head Off Landscape Prize: Tim Levy (1st), Philip Klaunzer (2nd) and Ashley Mackevicius (3nd). 

WINNER 2013: Tim Levy (1st)
Las Vegas is Purgatory – The Gambler

A man sleeps while tanning in winter by a rooftop pool area in Las Vegas.

WINNER 2013: Phil Klaunzer (2nd)
Lake Mungo

I’ve always been fascinated with human history, lifecycles and the passage of time and nowhere is this better illustrated than at Lake Mungo where you literally have the footprint of man in the landscape that goes back millennia.

WINNER 2013: Ashley Mackevicius (3rd)
Lake George 2012 No. 1


 WINNER 2013: Kris Baum (People’s Choice)

Head Off Landscape Prize finalists 2013

Ignacio Palacios, Keith Parsons, Torsten Blackwood, Zoe Wetherall, Sarah Long, Alice Blanch, Peter Solness, Chris Round, John Tsiavis, Tobias Rowles, Luke Austin, Marty Schoo, Natasha Murray, Murray Fredericks, Kris Baum, Paul Hoelen, Paul Huntley.

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Image detail: Gary Ramage